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Norfolk Rural Communities Newsletter December 18
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            Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service

This month i need to start with a very serious topic that I have been trying to address with the help of head teachers at local schools for some time. This subject is inconsiderate parking & stopping of vehicles during school times by an increasing minority, which is becoming extremely dangerous for all concerned. It is an ongoing problem that has been getting worse, where some drivers park in not only inconsiderate places, but also places that are both illegal & unsafe to other motorists & pedestrians, especially small children who may not be seen by other motorists whilst trying to cross the roads.

Another aspect that these drivers seem unconcerned of is that there is a fire station locally that most of the time relies on these very roads to respond to possible life risk emergencies. What this means is that while your local Fire Station is being held up by these drivers, it is not able to reach those emergencies in need as soon as it should be able to & more importantly when needed. This could cost lives, which is something no one wants to have on their conscience. Remember it could be someone you know that needs help when emergency services are unable to get to them!

Whilst we are unable to get through this road those who choose to cause obstructions, because they feel its possibly easier & saves a few mins, are in fact causing unlawful acts. For example ‘The Emergency Workers Obstruction Act 2006’ means it is unlawful for a person(s) to perform an action which results in obstructing or hindering emergency workers from their duties. Even though not a well-known act, it does get enforced nationwide, although hopefully it will not have to be locally.

Both Church Drove, Outwell & School Rd, Upwell have various road markings that mean stopping & parking is prohibited in certain places, yet every week day the same drivers choose to park on these zig zags, other markings & unsuitable places to save time rather than think about the impact it could cause on peoples safety or the fact they are committing offenses & restricting emergency services from getting to those in need.

I have today been invited & taken part in an assembly with Beaupre school teachers to help them get the message across to the pupils, & hopefully in turn their family members, as to just how dangerous this situation is becoming. Historically such situations only change when someone has been injured or worse. Please help us & the schools from preventing this from happening. I hope to be able to plan a similar visit to Upwell academy in the coming weeks.

As a guide to help those unsure as to where they should or should not park please see below. 

                       Roadside Parking – The Law – Rule 243


  • Near to a school entrance.
  • Anywhere you would prevent access for emergency services.
  • Opposite or within 10m (32ft) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.
  • Opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle.
  • In front of an entrance to a property on a bend.

The list is a great deal longer, but these are the main ones that relate to areas down both School Rd & Church Drove which are ignored on a daily basis by many drivers.

On another topic, this last month you may have seen us responding to several incidents locally & some further afield. We have seen an unusually busy end of October & start of November with varying incidents from out of control bonfires & building fires, including a house fire caused by careless use of fireworks. We have also attended several extremely serious RTC’s. Hopefully this will not continue in the coming weeks.

As winter is approaching quickly, can I please urge everyone to please prepare. Prepare your journeys and allow more time and ensure your cars are all checked and ready for the changes in temperatures & conditions. Also if you have any form of open fire, please prepare for winter by having your chimneys swept by a reputable person.

Please stay safe and help us to help you all stay safe.

Remember push the button not your luck. Get Out & Stay Out!!

Watch Manager Glen Gates

WM Glen Gates Mob: 07946331359 Email: glen.gates@fire.norfolk.gov.uk

Outwell Fire Station, Churchfield Road, Outwell, PE14 8RL


Parish Councillor Vacancy





Parish Councillor Vacancy




Would you be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor?


We currently have a vacancy for a councillor.  Positions are open to all parishioners of Upwell aged 18 or over.

 All welcome


Please contact the Clerk, Kate Bennett via email at upwellpc@gmail.com or mobile 07825 634672 for further information.

Wisbech Rail 

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The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP - Report


There is now a new bus service between Three Holes and Wisbech Click here for timetable

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Police Public Equiry Offices Closures

Seven of Norfolk Constabulary’s Public Enquiry Offices (PEOs) will close as part of plans for future policing in the county.


This follows the most extensive review of the service in the force’s history leading to a new model fit for 21st century policing based on the changing nature of crime and future financial challenges.  


An in-depth review into how frequently members of the public visit the PEOs found a drop in use and in addition that the majority of the demands of the footfall attending could be met elsewhere.


As part of the savings required owing to reductions in the Constabulary budget, the decision was taken by Chief Officers to close the PEOs achieving £320,000 worth of savings. The PEOs will officially close on 31 March 2018. However, all will remain open as operational bases for police officers and staff.

Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn and Norwich (Bethel Street) PEOs will remain open. Their opening hours from 1 April 2018 are:

·         Mon – Wed: 9am – 5pm

·         Thurs – Sat: 9am - 6pm

·         Sun: Closed

Engagement surgeries will also be held on a regular basis across the county providing opportunities for residents to meet their local officers face to face.

These will be based at police stations in the following locations:

·         Cromer, alternating with North Walsham – Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm

·         Dereham biweekly – Tuesday: 12pm – 2pm

·         Diss - Friday 10am – 12pm

·         Downham Market – Thursday: 11am -1pm

·         Fakenham – Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm

·         Hunstanton – Wednesday: 11am – 1pm

·         North Walsham, alternating with Cromer - Wednesday 1pm – 3pm

·         Thetford every Tuesday 12pm – 2pm

The closure of PEOs affects 26 members of staff who were put at risk when the new model was announced in October. As always, the Constabulary will seek to keep redundancies to a minimum and the remaining roles are ring-fenced for the affected staff.

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Dean said: "As part of the 2020 review, we were required to look at the entire policing model including our Public Enquiry Offices.


"Traditionally, our PEOs have provided a key contact point for our communities. However, the vast majority of people now prefer to contact us by telephone or online.


"Our new improved website, which was launched in 2016, has been designed to assist those who are comfortable with self-service and can report issues such as anti-social behaviour and non-urgent crime through online forms.


"It is, however, crucial that we provide opportunities for face-to-face advice for residents who prefer this approach, which is why we will be holding these engagement surgeries.


"I cannot ignore that these changes affect staff roles and I want to take this chance to say how grateful I am for the professionalism, loyalty and dedication shown not only in recent times, but in all the months and years of service.

"All the changes we’re making as part of the new policing model will have an impact on our communities, but our priority is to make sure we continue to deliver a responsive, relevant and viable police service for the people of Norfolk.”





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We welcome you to Upwell Parish's new website. This website seeks to inform its citizens and others about ongoing projects and events in Upwell Parish and also serves as a database and reference resource for information on our Parish.


We welcome as much input from local residents as possible so if you have any ideas on how you would like this web site to look, things that you would like to be included or just a comment then please do not hesitate to use the contact us page or email:



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For more information email: advertising@upwellparish.com

We are a civil parish in the county of Norfolk covering some 27.65 sqkm.


Do not forget you are welcome to attend the parish council meetings and have a say during the public forum. It will be open to public. 

Find out more about this years meetings click here.


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