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The Upwell Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The Upwell parish Neighbourhood Plan will be a community-led document for guiding the future development of the parish. It will be about the use and development of land over the next 20 years. If successful at referendum, it will become part of the statutory development plan for the area. • We are undertaking some consultation with the Community.  Please have a look at the Questions and if you would like to comment on any of them you can do so by using the 'contact us' page. 

Questions from your Parish Council


Policy theme idea

Further questions to ask

Desire for more leisure facilities

  • Indoor or outdoor? Where?

  • Sport facilities?

Play equipment

What is needed and where? What age group?

Community safety

How safe do you feel in the day and at night? Where not? What would make the difference?


Are allotments needed/wanted in the villages?

Pre-school, primary school and secondary school provision

What is needed in Upwell parish?

Primary Health care

What do we want for Upwell?

Existing facilities

What is important to keep/improve?


Policy theme idea

Further questions to ask

Preference for smaller developments

  • Check this.

  • Why small? What is the justification?

Preference for infill

Where and why?

Care home

What need is there? Where?

Mixed type and tenure: private housing, social housing, sheltered (supported) housing, bungalows

  • What should the type and mix be?

  • What is local need?

    o Starter homes?
    o Affordable housing? o Social housing?
    o Local downsizing?
    o Supported housing?

  • First time buyers?

Character, density and massing?

  • What is the historic character of Horsford?

  • Should new development be in-keeping?

  • What are the current landmarks and meeting places?

Public realm?

  • Overall appearance of Upwell parish?

  • How do we want our public spaces to look and feel?

  • Road widths?


  • How welcoming is Upwell parish?

  • What else could be done?

Street lighting

  • Lighting and the appearance of the place after dark?

  • Yes, no, which ones, and when do they come on and off?


Policy theme idea

Further questions to ask

Improved road infrastructure/network? Bypass/separate route for HGVs

  • What is needed?

  • What would be the impact on Upwell? Positive and


Enabling the use of

How could this be encouraged?

public transport?

What physical infrastructure is needed?

Pedestrian, cycle and bridleways?

  • Where should they be?

  • Where to and from?

  • Pedestrian friendly rather than car dominated?

  • Routes to school?

  • New routes?

Layout of new development and traffic calming?

  • Peak times?

  • Bottle necks?

  • Crossing points?

Parking standards for residential developments?

  • What is sufficient? Two off-road parking places per household?

  • On street parking?

Community parking provision?

Is there a current problem? What time of day?


Policy theme idea

Further questions to ask

Drainage/localised flooding? Maintenance of drainage

  • Where floods at the moment?

  • What are the issues?

Areas to protect?

  • What should be preserved?

  • What should be created?

Local Heritage Assets?

What is important locally and should be preserved?

Important views and vistas?

Where are the important view and vistas?

Local Green Spaces?

  • Current valued green spaces?

  • Where and how should they be used?

  • Parks or other green and open spaces?

Approached to the villages?

How could the approaches into the villages be improved?


Policy theme idea

Further questions to ask

Preference for small industrial units


New and expanding businesses?

  • What do we want to retain?

  • What do we want to see more of?

Village centres?

  • What are the important characteristics of the village centres?

  • Are they thriving?

Internet and mobile connectivity?

  • What is the current state?

  • What should new housing and businesses expect?

Support growing trend for homeworking?

What is needed to enable more homeworking? How should new homes be built?


  • What are the important assets of the parish?

  • What more is needed?

Places to eat and drink

What is needed?

Parish Council Information

Chairman - Prue Lester 01945 772234


Deputy Chairman - Richard Melton 01945 771974



David Pope - 01945 773054

Jill Gooch - 01945 773301

Brian Carr - 01945 774145

Chris Crofts - 01945 773519

Keith Harrison - 01945 772661

Frank Humm - 01945 773595

Chris Robinson - 07836 606098

Ros Shorting - 01945 773604

Andrew Harrison - 01945 773735

Jonathan Schultz - 07860 483578

Richard Melton - 01945 771944

Bill Pugh - 01945 773129


Your Borough Councillors Are:

David Pope -

01945 773054

Vivienne Spikings -

01945 772248


Your County Councillor is:

Harry Humphrey -

01945 430539



Clerk: Kate Bennett - 01945 774272

Email: katehbennett@btinternet.com


Webmaster: bill@upwellparish.com


Upwell Village Hall:

Ros Shorting
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