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Upwell Parish Council

Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings 2018

November Agenda


Meeting of the Parish Council, Monday 5th November 2018 at Upwell Village Hall, 7pm

All councillors are summoned to attend.  The Press & Public are welcome to attend


1         To consider and approve apologies for absence

2         To declare any pecuniary interests on any items on this month’s agenda

3         To accept the minutes of the last meeting of Monday 1st October 2018

4         To report any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

5         Public Forum – 10 minutes

6         To receive reports

                                i.            Police Report

                               ii.            Neighbourhood Watch & Speedwatch

                             iii.            Borough Councillor Report

                             iv.            County Councillor Report

                               v.            Parish Council Affairs/Correspondence

a.       To confirm arrangements for Remembrance Sunday (Sunday 11th November 2018)

b.       To confirm arrangements for the annual Christmas Get-Together with Outwell Parish Council

c.        To note receipt of letter of resignation from a parish councillor

d.       To note Phase V maintenance dredging plans to the Well Creek

7         Finance

a)       To approve the outstanding payments since the last meeting

b)       To note income and expenditure balances reconciled from the previous month

c)       To consider initial proposed 2019/20 Budget figures

8         To receive general correspondence

a)       To note correspondence from a resident of Listers Road concerning surface water drainage at New Road/Listers Road junction.

9         To receive & discuss Norfolk County Council issues including Highways issues

a)       To initiate the conversation with Norfolk County Council to introduce 30mph roundels at A1101 Town Street, New Road, School Road, Dovecote Road, Croft Road and Pius Drove

b)       To consider the bus shelter at Croft Road

c)       To consider a request for a pedestrian crossing at Town Street, opposite the old post office

10      To discuss churchyard/cemetery issues

a)       To note licence negotiations for taking over the maintenance of the cemetery are in progress

b)       To note all data/maps/burial records from Mintlyn for the cemetery have now been passed to the Clerk

c)       To note amount of available burial land left in the cemetery

11     To discuss War Memorial issues

12     To discuss any issues at the garden allotments

13     To consider any Health & Safety issues in the parish

14     To consider any issues in Three Holes and/or Lakes End

15     To consider Village Hall issues

16      Planning

a)       Land at Low Side

17     To propose agenda items for the next meeting

18     To confirm the date of the next meeting – Monday 3rd December 2018 at 7pm at Upwell Village Hall




Full Council meetings are usually held on the first Monday of the month.


We welcome residents attending any of the meetings. If people want to speak on a particular agenda item it is necessary to contact the Parish Clerk.


Minutes of all  Parish Council meetings are available to members of the public and can be viewed on our website.


Meeting Dates For 2018 Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will take place at Upwell Village Hall. The Press and Public are cordially invited to attend any meeting. Residents can address the Council at the start of the meeting but may only speak thereafter with the permission of the Chairman.





Please note that all meetings start at 7pm prompt.




Parish Council Information

Chairman - Prue Lester 01945 772234


Deputy Chairman - Richard Melton 01945 771974



David Pope - 01945 773054

Jill Gooch - 01945 773301

Brian Carr - 01945 774145

Chris Crofts - 01945 773519

Keith Harrison - 01945 772661

Frank Humm - 01945 773595

Chris Robinson - 07836 606098

Ros Shorting - 01945 773604

Andrew Harrison - 01945 773735

Jonathan Schultz - 07860 483578

Richard Melton - 01945 771944

Bill Pugh - 01945 773129


Your Borough Councillors Are:

David Pope -

01945 773054

Vivienne Spikings -

01945 772248


Your County Councillor is:

Harry Humphrey -

01945 430539



Clerk: Kate Bennett - 01945 774272

Email: upwellpc@gmail.com


Webmaster: bill@upwellparish.com


Upwell Village Hall:

Ros Shorting
01945 773604






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