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Grant Awards Policy


Upwell Parish Council approves a budget each year for the purpose of allocating grants to local organisations and community groups.



The following criteria must be met for a group to be considered for a grant:

  • The group must be a charity, voluntary or community organisation
  • The group must be able to demonstrate that any funding from the

Parish Council will benefit the residents of Upwell

  • The group must be formally constituted and have a management

committee made up of volunteers who are the employing body.


Individuals and businesses are not eligible for grant funding.


Scope of grants

Applications will be considered for the following purposes which must benefit

some or all of the residents of Upwell:


  • For purchasing equipment either in part or in full
  • For funding of transport that will enable group members to participate

in a group trip or outing regardless of their incomes

  • For training activities or to purchase the expertise of an outside trainer

or facilitator

  • For activities that raise the profile of the area
  • For running costs of a viable group that is experiencing a period of


  • For hosting special events or celebrations
  • For the provision of recreational facilities.



  • Multiple applications within a 12 month period will not normally be


  • Prior approval of the Parish Council is required for any change of

purpose of the grant. The Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim

any grant not being used for the purpose specified on the application

  • All awards must be properly accounted for and evidence of expenditure

should be supplied as requested. If the Parish Council is not satisfied

with the arrangements, they reserve the right to request a refund of

monies awarded

  • An acknowledgement on receipt of the grant cheque is required.




Application Process

Applications should be made by completing the Grants Award Application Form and enclosing a copy of the latest set of annual accounts available for the group making the application.


For organisation, evidence of a planned budget will be required.


Applications can be accepted at any time of the year.  Applicants are usually notified within two weeks of the meeting and the grant money sent by cheque the following month.



The Parish Council will ask for recognition from successful groups in the form of promotion of the Parish Council in newsletters or any press releases.  The Parish Council will also recognise successful groups in its own reports to parishioners.


This policy was adopted by Upwell Parish Council at its meeting on 5th January 2017


Grant Award Application Form
Microsoft Word document [13.2 KB]

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