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Upwell Cemetery Fees 2018-2019

All prices, where applicable*, include VAT at the current standard rate.  The parish council does not accept cash payments.  Funeral Directors and Stone Masons will be invoiced.


Interment Fee

12 years of age or under                                No Charge

Over 12 years of age                                      £613.10 plus ERoB cost

Cremated remains                                         £85.75 plus ERoB cost

Walled grave or vault                                     £1309.40 plus ERoB cost

  • All burial fees increase to double fees for persons who at time of death lived outside the parish.  Funeral Director/Family to provide proof of residence. 
  • Other than for proven religious reasons, the above fees are increased by 50% for Saturdays and 100% for Sundays and Public Holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Easter Sunday when law prohibits burials) subject to staff availability.
  • Where a burial takes place with no Exclusive Right of Burial then no headstone will be allowed.


Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial

The rights to the grave, allowing the purchaser to place a headstone on the grave or choose who can be buried in the grave.

Child’s grave up to 4’6” x 3’£192.00

Earthen grave up to 9’ x 4’£614.10 plus interment fee

In walled grave/vault up to 9’ x 4’£881.20 plus interment fee

In cremation plot£117.60 plus interment fee


Disinterment of remains after granting full licence from Ministry of Justice

Disinterment of earthen burial (adult)*£1550.80

Disinterment of earthen burial (child)* £277.30

Disinterment of cremated remains* £218.80


Right to erect a memorial

Headstone up to 4’ high£272.20, only when an ERoB has been granted

Headstone up to 4’ to 6’ high£560.20, only where an ERoB has been granted

Headstone over 6’ high£1095.30, only where an ERoB has been granted

Headstone under 2’6” (children’s section)£117.60, only where an ERoB has been granted

Memorial kerb set (children’s section)£213.10, only where an ERoB has been granted

Memorial kerb set (adult)£641.25, only where an ERoB has been granted

Cremation tablet£134.00, only where an ERoB has been granted

Additional inscription after first*£186.90, only where an ERoB has been granted

Parish Council Information

Chairman - Prue Lester 01945 772234


Deputy Chairman - Richard Melton 01945 771974



David Pope - 01945 773054

Jill Gooch - 01945 773301

Brian Carr - 01945 774145

Chris Crofts - 01945 773519

Keith Harrison - 01945 772661

Chris Robinson - 07836 606098

Ros Shorting - 01945 773604

Andrew Harrison - 01945 773735

Jonathan Schultz - 07860 483578

Richard Melton - 01945 771944

Bill Pugh - 01945 773129


Your Borough Councillors Are:

David Pope -

01945 773054

Vivienne Spikings -

01945 772248


Your County Councillor is:

Harry Humphrey -

01945 430539



Clerk: Kate Bennett - 01945 592 747

Email: upwellpc@gmail.com


Webmaster: bill@upwellparish.com


Upwell Village Hall:

Ros Shorting
01945 773604






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